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Built on the principles of Quality, Value, Service and Satisfaction; these cornerstones have enabled us to build a loyal following as we continue to quickly grow in South Jersey. We're there for you every step of the way to ensure your facility always looks its very best!



When you hire a commercial cleaning company, you expect a thorough, quality cleaning each and every visit.  You need a trained and supervised staff that are equipped to handle all of your cleaning needs in Camden, Gloucester and Salem County, NJ .  You deserve a company that uses the latest equipment, technologies and systems that ensure your office remains healthy and retains that highly polished image that makes a great first impression with your customers as well as improves your employees' productivity and morale.


You need a company that can meet the individual needs of your business while also meeting your budget. With Nu-Wave, you'll receive a hassle-free, personalized office cleaning proposal, so you'll know exactly what services you'll receive and what your office cleaning services will cost. You have the option of flexible cleaning schedules and services, so whether your business needs daily cleaning, several times a week, or just once a week, we can create a program that is perfect for your company's unique needs.


Our array of cleaning services is designed to meet the needs of New Jersey businesses both large and small. Office Cleaning, Hard Floor Maintenance, Window Cleaning and Carpet Cleaning. It's all at your fingertips with just one call. Never again will you have to waste precious time researching who best to perform services on your facility - your office cleaning company, Nu-Wave Cleaning, has it all under control. Peace of mind, isn't that the true mark of superior service?


You've got so much to worry about running your business that you need a company that's going to deliver on what they promise. We understand that and offer our "100% Stress-FREE Guarantee". If we ever do anything to cause you stress, not only will we come back to make it right, but you and your team will receive a free lunch on us! You have absolutely nothing to lose! Isn't it time you partnered with a New Jersey janitorial service provider that understands your concerns and has a plan to meet them?

Owners: Nicole & Mike DeBeaumont

Why Hire Nu-Wave?

✅ We're NOT A Franchise

You are NOT just another account to us! We don't report to some corporate headquarters. We can adjust our operations to meet your needs. If there's a specific requirement you have, just ask! Furthermore, You will never have to go through a series of people to speak to someone in charge. If you ever have an issue, you will always speak directly to us, the owners, and it will be resolved to your satisfaction.

✅ Fully Insured & Bonded Company
 We are fully insured and bonded. In addition, all of our employees receive extensive background checks, wear uniforms and             ID badges.

✅ Flexible Cleaning Schedules

 Whether you need daily, several times a week or weekly cleaning; we have a cleaning schedule to meet your needs.


✅ We Use Cleaning Systems to Ensure Consistency

From the use color-coded microfiber cloths to prevent cross-contamination to the use of certified HEPA-filter backpack vacuums to improve indoor air quality, to customized task lists; we use systems and technologies that ensure your facility is clean and healthy, while always looking its best!  In addition, we conduct routine inspections and share the results with you to ensure our work is being completed to the highest standards.


✅ OSHA Trained & Certified

All of our cleaning technicians receive safety training inclusive of OSHA Chemical Labeling & Use as well as handling of bloodborne pathogens. In addition, they are trained on the most effective and efficient methods to clean your office so you can rest assured your facility is being maintained properly.


✅ No Long Term Contracts 

We don't ever want you to feel like you're locked into some type of long term contract with us. We want you to be completely comfortable and for that reason all of our commercial cleaning services are on a month-to-month basis. We will simply continue to provide your office cleaning services unless we hear from you differently.

✅ 100% Stress-FREE Guarantee 

We guarantee our work; If you're not happy with something, simply give us a call and we will be out that day to take care of it.




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