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GBAC-Trained Technician Shield - Color -

Cleaning & Disinfecting

Protect your staff and customers and reduce the chance of COVID-19 contaminating your facility with our sanitizing and disinfecting services. Our technicians are ISSA certified by the Global Bio-Risk Advisory Council (GBAC) for COVID-19 remediation and will clean and disinfect all of the touch points in your facility making your office clean and healthy. 


Nu-Wave Cleaning is helping South Jersey businesses battle COVID-19 and keep their employees and visitors safe by providing sanitizing and disinfecting services across various industries. Our trained technicians are certified by ISSA's Global Bio-Risk Advisory Council (GBAC) to clean and disinfect workspaces using CDC approved guidelines and EPA-registered disinfectants that help prevent the spread of Coronavirus.


Performing regular cleaning, sanitization and disinfection of your facility is the most effective means of reducing the risk and stopping the spread of COVID-19. Through the use electrostatic sprayers and EPA-registered, hospital grade disinfectants that have been demonstrated effective and approved for use against COVID-19, we're helping businesses protect their facilities while keeping their doors open. For more information or to schedule a quote for your facility, call us today!


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